-Huge shipper of Rosie and Spence from Devious Maids. I enjoy the show as a whole too. Marc Cherry really does create the the best shows in my opinion (See Desperate Housewives).

-Huge fan of WWE Divas Melina, Naomi, and Trish Stratus.

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Wow I’m watching the feeds and Fraleb have no chemistry going on. They’re just two individuals sharing a bed. Zankie were legit like a married couple in that HOH bed. I feel robbed.


Someone hit Crustine in the head with a baseball bat so she’ll grow some sense and vote out her lover tonight.

Team Zankie’s next mission:

- Kill Cockblock Cowboy.

Frankie does one last attempt to suck Zach’s dick. Now they’re cuddling on the couch.


I’m dying. My life is over.

Zach win that buy back to resurrect me.

Someone bring Amber back for the night so Cockblock can be distracted. >:(

If zach doesn’t win that buy back…I’m gonna slightly hate him…he better reach down deep :’(

What is the deal with Crust? She doesn’t see she’s low on the totem pole? She’s gonna feel like an idiot when she’s at the jury house.

If I was talking to Crustine I would say “Would ur husband want u to keep Cody? Nope”